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Employee Research

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Are you tapping into your employees’ customer knowledge?

This is more than just employee satisfaction.

If you are not asking your employees, on a regular and systematic basis, what is going on in the marketplace, you are probably missing some prime opportunities. They are likely to have up-to-date, real-market information on:

1) what your best customers are asking for; what you should be doing that you are NOT.

2) what your company’s service issues are (as well as the best solutions)

3) How the competition is trying to get their foot in the door. After all, if they are smart, they know what your weaknesses are.

4) where you should be spending money that you are NOT, and where you should not be spending money that you ARE.

You should be doing regular meetings and brainstorming sessions (formal or informal) as well an an annual quantitative survey. And there are many online tools that can tremendously expedite this process and drop the overall cost.

1000% return on  employee research studies are not at all uncommon: Call Frank Martin at (800) 386-2177 today for some specific examples of what my most successful clients are doing to get the most from their employees’ knowledge base.

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