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Five reasons: 1) Experience, 2) Responsiveness, 3) Outstanding Service, 4) Orientation to profitability, 5) Reports with hard recommendations Read All

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Why should you hire me to do your marketing research? Here are five reasons:

1. Experience – I have 30 years of experience conducting studies focusing on variations of one thing: to figure out why people buy products and services and what will make them buy more. My clients hire me because I get results for them, and will report on the truth the way I see it. My job is to provide insight that makes the client smarter.

2. I don’t let clients waste money – I understand there is only one reason to do marketing research – and that is to inform marketing or business decisions that will make more money for the client. I do not do studies that provide information that is good to know, but not helpful.

2. Focus on objectives: What you need to know and how you are going to use it MUST drive the methodologies in research. Anything else is, you know…

Not that YOU would ever do this...

3. Money – I encourage my clients to see research as an investment – not an expense. All research investments should lead to decisions that pay an excellent return in the form of increased top line revenue. I don’t just take it from you; I make sure you get it back.

4. Action: I specialize in helping clients turn the research results into action. Action in the form of strategy development. Advertising and communication decisions. The ONLY reason to do marketing research is to help an organization make more profitable marketing and communication decisions. My experience with all types of organizations also helps me see possibilities and market nuances that frequently aren’t apparent to people on the inside of the business.

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