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Online Research

There are three basic types of online research:

  1. Online quantitative
  2. Online Focus groups (synchronous)
  3. Online bulletin boards (asynchronous)

This is a BOOMING area in the research business for several reasons:

  • More and more people have access to computers (and ALL decision-makers do)
  • It is consistent with the way people communicate and experience the world now
  • It is  less expensive than other methodologies
  • No travel and embarrassing pat-downs in airports

Online research cannot work for every project; much depends upon the following answers:

1) WHO is your target audience – do they have access to computers? Are they educated? Do they have a strong online presence?

2) WHERE is your target audience located? Are they dispersed across the country? Or concentrated within one community?

3) WHAT type of information are you looking for? Will observation of body language and non-verbal cues be important in developing your understanding of how consumers interact with your product?

4) All else being equal, how fast do you need the answers?

Curious how online research can work for your organization? Call Frank Martin at (800) 386-2177 today.

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