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avatarMartin Research has conducted focus groups for my Firm and me that have provided us invaluable, and often unanticipated information, that has led to the successful prosecution of cases on behalf of our clients for full and fair compensation. Martin Research provides the research information that translates into justice.

Anthony M. Russell
Gentry Locke Rakes and Moore

avatarFrank is a consummate professional who is on the leading edge of market research methodologies. His focus is always on helping the end user make better marketing decisions through research.

Thomas Becher
Neathawk Dubuque and Packett

avatarFrank's intelligence and insights into not only research methodologies but also marketing in general make him an invaluable partner to clients of all types. The professionalism he displays personally has been transferred to his team and the facilities his firm offers making for an unbeatable combination. I recommend him wholeheartedly and would rank his caliber of work on par with much larger and more expensive firms with fancier zip codes.

Tony Pearman
Access Advertising and PR

avatarThe Virginia Goodwill Network turned to Martin Research when we needed some critical data to help improve the quality of services we provide both students and businesses.  Frank Martin and his team did an outstanding job conducting the research while working within our budget.  We were very pleased with the results.  The data has transformed how Goodwill serves its constituents throughout the commonwealth of Virginia.

Brendan Hurley
Goodwill of Greater Washington

avatarMartin Research always does an outstanding job for us.  Frank Martin expertly organized, facilitated and summarized a multi-city customer focus group initiative for our retail chain.  He worked hard to truly understand our objectives and situation, then deftly managed the focus groups to address our key issues.  The results were instrumental in forming a new strategy and we still refer to the work today.  Martin Research is a great value!

Dave Loomis
Nacco Industries, Inc.

avatarOur company specializes in federal contracting and we have partnered with Martin Research for our focus studies, feasibility report and other qualitative research for marketing projects.  We have found Mr. Martin to be very intuitive, responsive and helpful in his understanding of specific target audiences and at times complex issues.   Their focus studies can be conveniently conducted at their facilities around the country and are well recruited and managed by their staff.

Nancy Nagamatsu

avatarI've had the pleasure of working with Frank Martin on a variety of projects related to member satisfaction and retention at Chartway.  He is a dynamic professional who has the ability to understand not only the unique needs of individual organization; but also, to put those needs in the context of a strategy that works.  Through his efforts significant cost savings opportunities were identified for the organization.

Phillip A. Richards
Chartway Federal Credit Union

avatarFrank Martin and his team of MR professionals have assisted us on numerous focus group projects for our company.  They take the time to fully understand our objectives for our research initiatives.  They have also been extremely cooperative when we've need very quick turnaround for special projects. We highly recommend their services.

Liz Burford
Delta Dental of Virginia

avatarI have had the distinct pleasure of working with Frank Martin as I launched a new and unique media business based on patented screen technology for the floor and for all level surfaces. Frank quickly determined that advertising on our screens had the unusual ability to influence consumer opinions about brand recall and about product purchase decisions at point of sale.  Because our screens delivered advertising within a consumer's personal space, he concluded that our screens were able to optimize advertising at the moment a buying decision was being made.  This, of course, became very attractive to brand and product advertisers for retail locations. When this unique effect on consumers was combined with the speed and ease of managing our wireless, nationwide network of screens, the value of the business increased significantly.  I personally value Frank's expertise and his straight forward style.  He added significant value to my business.

James B. Currie
Level Vision, Inc.

avatarFrank's partnership with James Madison University in recent years has been instrumental in advancing a mutually beneficial relationship between JMU and the Harrisonburg/Rockingham community. I appreciate Frank's commitment to our project and his collaborative approach to business.

Don Egle
James Madison University

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