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What We Do

Martin Research uses marketing research methodologies to help our clients make  informed marketing decisions – decisions that lead to more profitable, more sustainable advantages in a very competitive marketplace.

Focus Groups: (the old-fashioned in-person kind that will always yield useful results when done properly). Learn more about focus groups here and here.

IDI’s and Small Group Interviews: (Small group interviews are best done with professionals who know their business well and are going to have a LOT to say)

Online surveys, focus groups and bulletin board studies: (For when you can’t get everyone together at one time in one place.) Learn more about online research here.

Customer Satisfaction Research: How likely would your customers be to recommend your business to a friend or colleague? Learn more about Customer Satisfaction Research here and here.

Employee Surveys and Research: Not just employee satisfaction. Your employees frequently represent your best, least expensive opportunity to learn what is happening out there in the customer’s world – now.

Usability Research: Before you launch the new site or app that you have spent thousands of dollars upon, it’s a good idea to invest some time in making sure your customers will find the site easy and helpful to navigate. Learn more about them here.

Telephone surveys: When no other methodology will do (Sometimes it’s just the only option.)

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