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Founded in 1970 when marketing research was tabulated by mainframes and focus groups were hosted in living rooms, Martin Research is a full service marketing research company that specializes in helping clients use research to make informed marketing decisions. Marketing research is useful, and is a competitive advantage only insofar as it is used to inform marketing choices, and inspire and create new and innovative approaches to connecting with your target audiences. If you’re NOT using research that way, you should be! Call me and we can discuss it.

Frank and Pam

Frank (that’s me with my wife Pam!) has been in the research business since 1980. (Pam is also a moderator specializing in fashion, women’s issues, and web usability.) I have moderated over 2000 focus groups in the past thirty years, along with conducting thousands of In-depth interviews (IDI’s) and Small Group Interviews. I specialize in in-person qualitative research but also do Online Focus Groups, Online Quantitative and Online Bulletin Board methodologies. (Back when people did telephone surveys, I did a LOT of those too.) I LOVE talking with consumers and business decision-makers and trying to uncover their real perceptions of my clients products and services. Then comes the challenging part – using that information to develop strategy, tactics and planning. This is what separates the real moderators from the pretenders.

I also love helping clients use research the right way: 1) to use it to inform and or inspire product vision and strategy 2) to select the most effective tools and tactics to get the client closer to achieving that vision 3) to make sure the tools and tactics are used in the most productive ways and say the most effective things, and 4) to measure the results to figure out what is working and why.

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